Stockton Poverty Truth Commission Progress Event- 31/05/19

On Friday 31st May 2019, The Poverty Truth Commission held a progress event, showcasing the highlights of our achievements over the last eighteen months, as well as a chance to progress the work going forward and showcase some of the accomplishments that we have achieved nationally.

Attendees got the chance to split into our three working groups, Mental health, Frustrations of a Job Seeker and Additional costs associated with the school day.

Some attendees included-

West Cheshire Poverty Truth Commission

Dominic Coles- Cummins

Michael Walker- Poverty Lead at Gateshead Council

Alex Cunningham- Stockton North MP

Bill Braviner-ReverendĀ 

Charlotte Hall- Case worker to DR Paul Williams MPĀ 

The day was a great success and has had a huge impact on our approach going forward. Plans have been made for further meetings for the Poverty Truth Commission which will be updated on our Website and social media.

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