Poverty Truth in Lockdown

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been challenging for everyone, from keeping the kids fed to accessing vital services, the Stockton Poverty Truth Commission wanted to capture some of the issues that our communities have been facing, issues that were already there but have been highlighted and amplified by the pandemic.

 These are real thoughts by real people on topics like School, Mental Health and Income during Lockdown.

  • Poverty Truth In Lockdown- Common Themes From Our Community
    Over the last few months during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Poverty Truth Commission have still been continuously talking to community members of Teesside, whether it be through our social media sites, zoom calls, emails or phone calls, talking about life in Stockton and Teesside. These conversations and the work we do with people shape a lot of[…]
  • Poverty Truth in Lockdown- Digital Divide
    The changes to income a will have a huge impact on families especially those with children as the costs rise to home-school children during the pandemic, many families just don’t have the resources to fully participate in teaching and learning from home. Buying the items needed which would usually be provided by the school are[…]
  • Poverty Truth in Lockdown- Frustrations of a job seeker & income
    The beginning of lockdown was a very worrying time to a lot of people, loss of jobs, temporary closures and claiming the correct benefits. The fear of falling into poverty was more real than ever for families and especially those already on a low income. Here are some of the concerns from our community members[…]
  • Poverty Truth in Lockdown- Additional Costs of homeschooling
    People all over the country, and world, have been struggling with the detrimental impact of COVID-19 and its interference with life, work, finances, and school. Talking to parents in Stockton on Tees, home schooling their children has been incredibly challenging, especially to low-income families. In many schools, resource packs have been sent out to parents[…]