Our Journey

Stockton Poverty Truth Commission Launch Event

 3rd November 2017

After 18 months of preparation, Stockton launched its Poverty Truth Commission. Inspired by the work in other areas, a group of steering group members – Thrive, Cummins, Trussell Trust Food Bank, Love Stockton, St Peter’s Church, Stage Coach, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Christian’s Against Poverty explored the possibility of this happening in our Borough

The launch was a great success – in the words of one of our very own community commissioners…

Right from the first word I was hooked to the atmosphere, we were only expecting roughly 60-70 people at most but someone had pointed out that we had at least 100 attending and to me that provided a boost. Everything got off to a brilliant start with Kath giving the welcoming speech with some amazing photos of Stockton Old & New behind her followed by the Bishop of Durham who preceded the 2 MP’s of Stockton North & South. Each of these 3 men gave their own version of “Poverty must be stopped” speeches before we heard from those that are currently living a life of Poverty in the Borough of Stockton-on-Tees.

Videos from the Stockton Poverty Truth launch event are on our youtube channel- Click Here to watch.

Second All Commissioners Meeting

16th March 2018

The aim of this commission meeting was to agree on the areas of work for the Stockton Poverty Truth Commission. Working subgroups looked at a specific theme that had been agreed as a priority concern and were asked to focus on a number of key questions:

  • What are the key things (practice and experiences) that happen on a daily basis to make things harder, and
  • What could the solutions be?
  • Would these solutions work?
  • What would life look like if you adopted these solutions

Out of five topic areas, three of them were voted by the commissioners to take forward. These areas were:

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

On October 17th 2018, Thrive and the Poverty Truth Commission raising awareness for the International Day of the Eradication of Poverty in Stockton High Street.

We got to showcase our #StocktonUnderstands pledge to the community from our stall on the busy market.   It was met with positive feedback and some signed to the pledge to show support.

Photos from these events are here

Stockton Poverty Truth Commission- Progress Event

On Friday, The Poverty Truth Commission held a progress event, showcasing the highlights of our achievements over the last eighteen months, as well as a chance to progress the work going forward and showcase some of the accomplishments that we have achieved nationally.

Attendees got the chance to split into our three working groups, Mental health, Frustrations of a Job Seeker and Additional costs associated with the school day.

Some attendees included

West Cheshire Poverty Truth Commission

Dominic Coles- Cummins

Michael Walker- Poverty Lead at Gateshead Council

Alex Cunningham- Stockton North MP

Bill Braviner-Reverend 

Charlotte Hall- Case worker to DR Paul Williams MP 

And many more.

The day was a great success and has had a huge impact on our approach going forward. Plans have been made for further meetings for the Poverty Truth Commission which will be updated on our Website and social media.