Mental Health

A meeting held in March 2018 provided an opportunity for small groups to look at a specific theme that had been agreed as a priority concern and spent time thinking about the following key questions:

1. What are the key things (practice and experiences) that happen on a daily basis to make things harder, and

2. What could the solutions be?

3. Would these solutions work?

4. What would life look like if you adopted these solutions?

An agreed area of work for Stockton Poverty Truth Commission was Mental Health and Poverty

The full document is below.

Upon deciding that Mental Health was a topic that both community commissioners and civic and business leaders wanted to push forward, the Stockton Understands pledge was created.

The Stockton Understands pledge is an initiative that asks front line services to adopt some or all of the proposals from our pledge in order to make services better suited to those with mental health needs. We want to develop a better working relationship with these services in order to make effective change. Both the community commissioners and civic and business leaders involved with the Stockton Poverty Truth Commission came up with the ideas for this pledge.

On October 17th (The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty) we displayed our pledge in Stockton Town Centre to engage with the community and get people’s thoughts. It was met with positive feedback but was questioned if the vital front line services would get on board. For more on our October the 17th event click here.

The full pledge is below