Additional Costs Associated With The School Day

A meeting held in March 2018 provided an opportunity for small groups to look at a specific theme that had been agreed as a priority concern and spent time thinking about the following key questions:

1. What are the key things (practice and experiences) that happen on a daily basis to make things harder,

2. What could the solutions be?

3. Would these solutions work?

4. What would life look like if you adopted these solutions?

An agreed area of work for Stockton Poverty Truth Commission was the additional costs associated with the school day.

The full document is below.

The Stockton Poverty Truth Commission is in the process of building a forum of college students from Stockton Sixth Form who are interested in trying to effect change in local schools. We want to build a partnership with the college students and school students and their parents to look at additional costs associated with the school day and how schools, parents and students alongside the Poverty Truth Commision can work together in order to better practice in schools and make life easier for both parents and students alike.

We are very pleased that Stockton Sixth Form College and Joanna Bailey are involved in this project and we are excited to see it progress.